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Artist Statement 

Jessie Davies is an artist whose work highlights important but fragile wetland environments which play a vital role in our wider ecosystems and references the impact of global climate change on fragile ecologies.

Davies creates paintings by immersing herself amongst the reeds and foliage of this terrain, whilst extensively researching these specific habitats. Living with multiple disabilities, Davies’ access to and view of the rural environment is from a particular angle. The artist is autistic and spends her life in a wheelchair. Her low viewing position, sitting amongst the reeds, and her acute critique of a multiplicity of power dynamics, result in an acute observation of those small, overlooked objects which nestle in the landscape expressing clashes of human activity and nature’s resilience.

Working with acrylic and mixed media, the artist often incorporates discarded objects and materials found in the reedbeds, referencing the re-use of unwanted and disregarded objects. Her works address timely and important conversations concerning the impact of floods and the climate crisis. Through drawing and painting, Davies brings attention and a renewed awareness to the importance of local wetland habitats and their key role as a climate buffer. These habitats are often overlooked and their vital role, supporting climate protection through their ability to filter, cleanse and renew polluted water, has been disregarded. Davies’ work addresses their significance for our times.

selected exhibitions 

2024 - 'Open-24', The Old Lockup Gallery (group exhibition)

2023   'Wetlands', The Bowery, Leeds (solo exhibition)

2023   Perspectives, The Arthouse Wakefield (solo exhibition)


2022   Re/Locate - Hull Artist Research Institute

2022   This Must be the Place, Wakefield, (group exhibition)   

2022   'Renewal' Exhibition, Stable Yard Gallery, Doddington Hall (group exhibition)

2022   SHH... Shirethorn Collective, Humber Street (group exhibition)

2022   20-21 Visual Arts Centre - Introducing Jessie Davies (solo exhibition)

2021   One Step Greener, Lincoln University 

2021   Cohort Art Exhibition (Turps International Painters) (group exhibition)

2021    20-21 Visual Arts Centre, (solo exhibition)

2020   'Practice in Place', Humber Street Gallery, Hull  

2020   Climate Change: Wetlands - Wilderspin National School Museum (solo exhibition)

2020   Critical Fish 'Above Below' online exhibition  

2019    No.44 Exhibition, HSAD

2019    Lindsay Lodge Hospice Exhibition

2019    Feren's Gallery Open Exhibition 2019 

2018    Steelrooms - winter open exhibition - featured artist

2018    20-21 Gallery Open exhibition - 2nd prize winner

2018    Hull in paint - touring exhibition (Hull Civic Society)

2018    Steelrooms - a Case for Place open exhibition

2018    Ropewalk - Humber to the Wash group exhibition

2018    'Underlined', Central library Hull - ArtLink's Square Peg Programme

2017    Steelrooms Open Exhibition

2017    Fountain 17 exhibition Brodrick Gallery - highly commended

various group exhibitions and artworks on display at regional venues, including Hull NHS memory clinic


The Arthouse - ongoing​

community arts

  • Feren's Art Gallery, Video Masterclass for Big Draw 'Climate of Change' (2020)

  • Square Peg Underlined community arts project (disability and diversity) - bespoke workshops for communities unable to access mainstream arts provision (2017-18)

  • Experience teaching adult learners (2018)

  • School workshops/ bespoke mural project (Sept, 2018)


UnLimited micro-commission 2023

Longlisted for Holly Bush Painting prize, 2022

David White Memorial Award, 2020

Shortlisted for ACS Studio Prize 2020

Artwork featured in A5 Arts Magazine May 2019

1 of 10 UK Graduating Artists to feature in degree show guide 2019
Artwork featured on cover of NCAAD report for Royal College of Psychiatrists (2018-19)

Featured Artist - Steelrooms winter open exhibition 2018

Artwork selected to represent Steelrooms Gallery Winter Open-Call 2018

20-21 Exhibition 2nd prize for painting (2018)

Fountain '17 exhibition - Highly Commended artwork

Fountain '17 exhibition - award for essay writing 


Turps Painting School (correspondence)

BA Hons Fine Art (first class award)

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