Investigating a sense of place

“If time is the dimension of change, then space is the dimension of coexisting difference. And that is both a source of nourishment (something that the globalisation gurus seem altogether to have foregone), and a challenge (how negotiate difference, how to address inequality, and so forth)” (Doreen Massey)

Jessie Davies, untitled (reeds and barrel), acrylic and mixed media on canvas

For Doreen Massey, space is inherently political, the arena of simultaneity, of multiplicity, of disparate, often conflicting interests colliding and being negotiated to co-exist. On a small scale, so it is with the interactions of the reed-beds. In any one moment, multiple species interact, counteract and co-exist. At the same time, human politics debate local issue of land use, agricultural practices and resource management, all of which have an impact – directly or indirectly on the management and survival of unique fresh water habitats.

All of this and more are informing my work inspired by an intuitive response to my local fresh-water reed-bed environment – which is a multi-layered, visceral and challenging habitat.

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